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Fresh Citrus Essential Oil Blend



Citrus Limonum

Plant Origin: Italy
Extraction Method: Cold pressed from rind
Actual Key Constituents:
Limonene 70.95%
beta-Pinene 11.48%
gamma-Terpinene 8.94%
Sabinene 1.99%
alpha-Pinene 1.88%
Myrcene 1.30%
Geranial 1.23%
para-Cymene 0.96%
Neral 0.74%
alpha-Thujene 0.36%

Anti-infectious, disinfectant, anti-bacterial (spores), anti-septic, anti-viral. Lemon improves microcirculation, promotes white blood cell formation and improves immune function.

The antiseptic-like properties of Lemon and its compounds have been studied for their effects on immune function. The vaporized essence of lemon can kill meningococcus bacteria in 15 minutes, typhoid bacilli in one hour, Staphylococcus aureus in two hours, and Pneumococcus bacteria within three hours. Even a 0.2% solution of lemon oil can kill diphtheria bacteria in 20 minutes and inactivate tuberculosis bacteria. (According to Jean Valnet, M.D.) Lemon oil has been widely used in skin care to cleanse skin and reduce wrinkles.

Lemon essential oil may help with issues such as anemia, asthma, herpes, warts, shingles, bleeding, malaria, parasites, rheumatism, throat infection, ureter infections, and varicose veins.

Lemon oil may also be beneficial for anxiety, blood pressure, digestive problems, respiratory infections, and sore throats. It helps promote leukocyte formation, improves memory, strengthens nails, cleans the skin, and promotes a sense of well-being. Lemon has shown to have antidepressant effects in research done by Komori, et al.,1995. It may also help brighten a pale, dull complexion by removing the dead skin cells. It serves as an effective insect repellent and works well in removing gum, wood stain, oil and grease spots.

A university in Japan experimented with diffusing different oils in the office. When they diffused lemon there were 54 percent fewer errors, with jasmine there were 33 percent fewer errors, and with lavender there were 20 percent fewer errors. When oils were diffused while studying and taking a test, test scores increased by as much as 50 percent. Different oils should be used for different tests, but the same oil should be used during the test as was used while studying for that particular test. The smell of the oil may help bring back the memory of what was studied. (From Essential Oil Desk Reference, 2002 Essential Science Publishing)

Apply to bottom of feet or on location as desired (see Safety info below)


Internal: Add to food or water as a dietary supplement or flavoring
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