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Ashley - 03/24/2012

Our daughter has been plagued with respiratory issues and bronchitis for years. We've used inhalers, but a friend recommended using essential oils with a diffuser. Most of the diffusers I found online have fragile glass nebulizers, and that made me feel really nervous to use in my daughter's room. Then I found Heritage Diffusers and purchased the Whisper because I liked the idea that it was "silent" and had the tube so I could put the motor on her dresser and the nebulizer right next to her bed. We've been diffusing Respiratory Relief and Lung Healing nightly, and when she showed any signs of respiratory problems, we'd rub Hyssop and Myrrh on the bottoms of her feet. Each time since we got the diffuser, the issue was resolved by the next morning and the episodes are farther and farther apart. AMAZING! You don't know what this means to us. We love the diffuser, how easy it is to switch oils, that it's not fragile and uses the oils very conservatively. It's also quieter that I could have imagined.

Very Quiet

Ethan - 01/29/2012

I had a hard time deciding between your Pro and Whisper, but ultimately, I decided I'd rather have Whisper than the Pro. I love it. We put the motor up on a bookshelf, and when our daughter is struggling with congestion (which can be often since she has Down Syndrome), I like that I can use the long tube and place the bottle that is being diffused right next to her bed. I don't have to worry about the fragile glass parts, and she is doing so much better since we've started diffusing. We are also impressed with the virtually silent motor. Our favorites are Respiratory Relief and Dr. Hull's Breathe Rite. When she's not congested, we diffuser Plague Defense.

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