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Heritage Pro Diffuser  
Heritage Pro Diffuser

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Heritage Pro with Variable Output and Timer built in. Very similar to the Heritage Whisper. This is a very compact model, and instead of the nebulizer attaching to the motor via tubing, it is secured directly on the motor. The motor is not silent, but it is quieter than typical nebuilzing motors; the noise level depends somewhat on how high the diffuser output is adjusted. This is a great diffuser. It will cover a very large room (1500-1800 square feet), and if used in a smaller room, you just turn down the output. The fairly quiet motor creates 4.5 PSI and has a variable control air supply. As a point of reference, if you turn the output to maximum and run it for an hour, it will use about 3 mls of an essential oil like Orange or Lemon, which are light oils that are consumed more quickly than others. We typically run ours on medium low for 8 hours nightly with the cycle on for 5 minutes and off for 20 or so minutes, and a 15 ml bottle of Respiratory Relief will last about a week.
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Top-Notch Diffuser

Rebecca - 03/31/2012

I am sold on using a diffuser for purifying my home and dealing with respiratory issues. I have purchased quite a few of them over the years, and finally have found the absolute, top-notch diffuser: Heritage Pro. It has all the design features a person could want in a diffuser. It's well engineered in the USA, works flawlessly, is a pleasure to use, simple to clean and adjust and there are not fragile glass parts to worry about. Thanks for a fantastic product and great, personal service!

Love It!

Kimberly - 03/18/2012

I love my new Heritage Pro diffuser. The design is incredible - brilliant!

It's easy to cart from room to room, easy to switch out oils, easy to clean, fairly quite, uses these precious essential oils conservatively - I can't think of a way to improve it.

Wonderful, Exceeded my Expectations

Emma - 02/02/2012

The Heritage Pro diffuser I ordered far exceeded my expectations. It is everything I could ask for: built-in timer and wide output range makes it easy to adjust for different rooms and situations. The compact size is wonderful, not to mention that there are no tubes or fragile glass parts to worry with. Besides all that, my daughter has had virtually no respiratory issues since we began running this in her bedroom nightly! This has got to be the best diffuser on the market today.

Compact, All-In-One Design

Olivia - 01/26/2012

Those who know me well will tell you that I'm fairly opinionated, discriminating and critical, so here's my two-cents on your Heritage Pro diffuser. I like the small, unassuming compact, all-in-one design that has a solid, substantial feel. It performs well, is very easy to change oils, quiet, easy to pick up and take to another room, and nothing about it feels fragile. At first, I was bothered by the knobs not being very easy to see at a glance where it was set, but after using it a week, I am used to adjusting it for different rooms without a thought to where it's actually set. This is by far the best diffuser I know of, and I'm completely satisfied with how it performs.

Well Worth It!

Sue - 10/03/2011

I teach elementary school and run a diffuser daily. The typical glass nebulizers go through a LOT of essential oil, but it was worth it to stay well. The classroom setting is not a great place for the fragile glass, and when I went online to find a replacement (again!), I saw your Heritage Pro model and ordered it instead. It is AMAZING! It's easy to use, doesn't make a mess and most importantly, it doesn't waste the oils. I love how I can control the settings: time on, time off and output. The price is the best on the web, and definitely well worth it.

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